“C-TAC is a Private Military Training and Consulting Company that specializes in providing strategic consulting services to governments in the defense, national security and high-technology arenas.”

Security Strategy and Services

Timely information is the most dangerous weapon of all…

C-TAC Command and Training Solutions works with Latin American government and corporate clients to reduce their security risks.  This includes support in defining a stability and a “realistic security strategy” based on specific short and long term risks. Our experts can work into more detailed technical consulting contracts or work in projects related to a wide variety of threats and risk to strategic facilities. (We can provide solutions ranging from a specific government building, a military airfield, to pipelines, key ports, to a city or an entire country.)

Our capability is grounded on our “past performance and experience” of mixing years of operations in the Middle East and the jungles and mountains of South America.  We are a mix of American and South American Latino officers… and we have years of experience dealing with Narco-terrorist groups, guerrillas, insurgents and criminal groups armed with heavy weapon systems and IED’s. To face these criminal threats we have developed a comprehensive, state of the art intelligence / database approach based in the gathering of relevant information from multiple sources including C-TAC staff and other military and police expert contacts in the field. To support our services we use academic subject matter experts, historical records and local government partners. With our teams deployed “on the ground” supporting and serving our clients “on the front lines” we provide a 24/7 reporting system that can really make a difference.


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