“C-TAC is a Private Military Training and Consulting Company that specializes in providing strategic consulting services to governments in the defense, national security and high-technology arenas.”

Military Training

Military Training:

C-TAC provides Mobile Tactical Training Teams (MTT’s) of between 12 to 24 instructors per team that travels to the host country and support – on the ground — the military training and modernization process of the client’s Armed Forces or National Police.


Basic Military Training:

  • Modern Riverine / jungle warfare operations. (Platoon and company level.)
  • Advanced Counter Guerrilla / Counter Insurgency Jungle Course.
  • ED recognition and countermeasures (Roads and buildings)
  • Modern Anti-tank courses. (mechanized infantry operations.)
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Basic, intermediate and advanced courses)
  • Re-training / and certification of Special Forces units.
  • Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) and Close quarter battle (CQB)
  • Sniper / Counter sniper operations and jungle techniques.
  • Convoy Operations / Counter Ambush Techniques (Platoon and company level.)
  • Military protective details (driving and PSD courses)


National Police Basic Training:

  • Police Use of Force and Human Right Training
  • Restraint and Control (Handcuff, baton and pepper spray)
  • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Firearms Skills (Handgun, carbine, SMG)
  • Dynamic Entries / Covert Entries
  • Vehicle Assaults / Linear Assaults (bus, train, aircraft)
  • Mechanical Breaching / Ballistic Breaching
  • Urban Combat Methodology (CQB)
  • Medical and Trauma Training


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