“C-TAC is a Private Military Training and Consulting Company that specializes in providing strategic consulting services to governments in the defense, national security and high-technology arenas.”

Critical Infrastructure Protection

C-TAC supports its clients – both governments and corporations – to secure their critical infrastructure against targeted and untargeted threats. Our company structure allows us to provide local expertise on a “country by country” basis. Everybody in our company speaks Spanish and has served in the armed forces. We know and understand very well our clients and we don’t have British university professors telling South American generals how to operate in the jungle.  Our local insight and resourcefulness stems from our employee’s deep experience in specific combat environments. When this is supplemented by our strategic partnerships with carefully vetted public and private sector organizations at the regional, national and provincial level C-TAC bring a unique set of capabilities to our government clients.

We help identify key vulnerabilities in light of situational risks and guerilla presence identifying security solutions for physical assets, including technology-based products and services, and manage the implementation of those solutions through a best-in-class project management office. As a product agnostic services provider, we always select the best solution based on our clients’ needs and available budget. We understand the South American criminal groups, Narco-terrorist organizations and local guerrillas and we can target them before they can target your oil fields, police stations, electrical plants or government convoys.


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